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Good Quality Original Pearls (Moti) 3.6 carets-ID168

Pearl is the gem of the moon and is of Karka rashi ( cancer sign).

A real pearl got the brilliance of a star. A fine pearl imcariably delights the onlooker. It is of whitish color, it is always regarded as a good omen to present pearl studded jewellery ornaments is in marriage. A pure pearl when worn brings great prosperity and happiness. It diminishes the hotness of your temper and keeps peace in mind. It reduces unnecessary thoughts and instability of mind is stabilized. It is most beneficial for ladies. It should be worn to relief cough & cold and cold allergy.


Additional Notes to the buyer: Delivery cost of the product will be charged extra based on the delivery location. No Return No Exchange

Good Quality Original Pearls (Moti) 3.6 carets-ID168 Gallery